Subperiosteal Implants

Surgical Vitallium

Dutton is one of the few laboratories in the nation that fabricates subperiosteal implants, and we have created them successfully for more than 15 years. They are custom-designed to sit on top of the bone and under the tissue, and they can be either complete arch, unilateral or universal.

We understand that these implants are often the only viable option for patients suffering from advanced jawbone resorption. As such, these conditions require only the highest standards possible. Ryan Dutton, CDT, a Misch Institute alumnus, is meticulous in his approach. Each case is subject to careful scrutiny and ongoing consultation to ensure the subperiosteal implant has an excellent fit, leading to an optimal final prosthesis.


The Forgotten Implant: Subperiosteal

Placement of a Modified Subperiosteal Implant


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