Established in 1974, Dutton Dental Concepts (DDC) is a full-service laboratory and trusted resource for doctors across the nation. We also work long distance with some great clients in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Weaving together many years of experience and training, we utilize the finest quality materials available to provide esthetically life-like prostheses.

At Dutton, we never stop looking for improvements and innovations. This drive towards advancement has yielded such results as the unique Dutton Implant Abutment, which allows us to bake pink and/or white porcelain to metal for superior esthetics. We are also a certified Cercon® laboratory and we have been awarded as a smartLAB™ by Dentsply Ceramco.

Your practice and your patients come first. We take care to meet the specific needs of each case and the details that take them from adequate to exceptional. We are also happy to evaluate and consult with you on any case—simply give us a call.


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