Subperiosteal Implants

Surgical Vitallium

A Swing-Lock®-designed partial can stabilize mobile teeth and offer cosmetic enhancements. It can also add or repair facial contouring and work as a hidden clasp design partial where retaining struts are placed below or above the lip reflection lines. Swing-Lock partials are also used when there is very little undercut to clasp and they are very easy to add to in the future. This type of partial evenly distributes load among all supporting teeth, relieves the immediate stress on adjacent abutment teeth (as would occur with circumferential clasping), and passively engages all abutments during mastication.

The typical Swing-Lock® partial utilizes a lingual plate with a labial bar connected by a hinge on one side and latch on the other. The labial bar and struts, working in conjunction with the lingual plate, lock in and hold the anterior teeth. In many cases, this partial design can actually strengthen the supporting distal abutments because it relieves stress.

A Swing-Lock® design is also beneficial when a bite problem is causing pressure and migration of unsupported teeth, making splinting (stabilizing mobile teeth) necessary. The design allows you to even out the force over all the load bearing abutments, not just individual abutments. Also, locking the abutments in a stationary position can stabilize the root of the tooth.



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